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  • Desiree A. Neville

Spring cleaning at the studio

It is in our DNA to clean, clean up or purge when spring shows up.

I am certainly feeling it now that temperatures are warming. What I haven't done before is spring cleaning at the studio. I don't mean scrubbing and vacuuming and opening windows. That I have done. I mean look at which portraits genres are working and which are less successful. It is time to take a good look at it from a business point of view but also from a personal perspective.

The 50 OVER 50 project proved hard to revive for a 4th time. It is still open because it is dear to my heart but we decided to postpone the big party for now. My Red Carpet brand (makeover and photoshoot day) will always exist because it was born from my heart. I was very vulnerable when I experienced it for myself - at another photographer's studio - and I know its power. So that stays.

STORYBOOK portraits for kids were the biggest reason I needed a studio. I wanted to put children in fairytale settings since I was a little girl and now, that I am a big girl and have the now-ow, I get to do it. I haven't photographed many kids during the pandemic, and now, it is going to change. So this stays.

HEADSHOTS, kind of imposed themselves on me. It is a necessity. So I massaged the process to resemble me and to make it as quick but complete as possible for busy business professionals. In fact, I am adding fun elements to make it even more complete without adding any extra time at the photoshoot. I am excited about that. So that stays

So far, not much of a spring cleaning... LOL!

There is another type of image I always wanted to create. DANCE PORTRAITS. I am experimenting with advanced dancers now, as I write this post, and I think this is going to be epic in my career. If you, who is reading this, or someone you know is an advanced dancer - I mean has a good 8 years plus of dance experience under their belt, please send them my way. if it's not too late, they may be able to participate in this pilot project of photographing dancers.

So to sum up, I did not remove anything that wasn't working, I added to my toolbox. What I am going to trim is the time it takes for each photoshoot by getting more precise in my intention with every new subject. Keep your eye on me, I feel a spring in my step!


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