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Hello Beautiful!

My name is Désirée A. Neville. I am glad you stopped by!


The thing is, I love photographing women and showing them how beautiful they are. I say 'Beautiful' because I believe we all are. After being photographed professionally myself, and seeing the impact that experience had on me, I vowed to bring this kind of experience to as many women as possible. It has completely changed the way I saw myself. We don't always know how others see us and even less how a photographer sees us.


When it comes to portraits, it's showing that inner beauty that counts. Sometimes we don't like ourselves in photos because we have never been photographed properly. I think every soul deserves to be portrayed at their absolute best. I want to show you what I can do for you. 

To assure you you are in good hands, see some of my bragging rights below. But the bottom line is...

The Divine beauty in you will live on because you dared...


Desiree is a multi-award-winning photographer. she is accredited in children and glamour photography with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)and is an associate of The Portrait Masters (TPM). With her 17 years of experience as a portrait photographer, she knows how to create the portraits that you've always dreamed of.   

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