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Dance Portraits 

 in Toronto's east end and Durham Region

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Celebrate your Form. 

Created for Dancers to celebrate their craft,
the perfect movement saved forever !


Dancing is your life and only you know the dedication and discipline you've put in.  

you give so much  joy to others

It is a rare gift to have your perfect moment captured and preserved forever in print.

This is your time to choose your favourite movements to perform in a stylish wardrobe or your favourite Tutu and create a stunning portrait to have forever.


 I will design a photoshoot just for you with lighting for the mood you want to create! Schedule a consultation with me today and let's talk about your best moves



Need more time? Stay in touch by joining our email list and you get to Download my top posing tips 

Booking fee strats at $800 

and includes: consulltation, makeover at the studio, access to our studio wardrobe, guided photoshoot, photographed in many outfits, and one image. 

Dance Portrait Sessions take 4 hours

We typically book from 10 am to 2 pm and your session includes


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At your consultation, we talk about the photos you've always wanted. We consider your strengths, level and style and design a session just for you.


We talk about wardrobe, styling, and what you want the final photos to look like. 

We also talk about products, and pricing and we book your session. You will get a prep guide once your session is confirmed.

Styling & Photoshoot


On the day of your photo shoot, relax while our pro hair and makeup artist gets you styled and camera-ready.


You will discuss your preferences and style with her. We want you to feel pampered, relaxed and confident. 

I coach you throughout your photoshoot.  You don't have to know how to pose or even be "photogenic". With our expertise, we've got your back. You will feel like a model on set! You will finish the session feeling empowered!

Your Photos

Screenshot (834).png

We look at your images as we go along, and together we perfect the look you want to achieve.


Right after the photo shoot, you will make your selection on the large screen. 


We will look at the unretouched photos together. You are judging the pose and expression at this point.


Buy only what you absolutely love!  Every image you purchase comes in a matted print and its digital file. 

Your Legacy

folio Box on couch - Dance.jpg

This is your legacy. Which products you order is entirely up to you. Choose from matted prints, print collections, wall prints and albums. 


A-la-carte photos start at $400 per photo. Collections start at $2,100. We include the digital file of every image you purchase.  Detailed pricing will be provided at the consultation. 

Not ready yet? Stay in touch by joining our email list and you get to Download my top posing tips 

Your Legacy

folio Box on couch - Dance.jpg
Gold Frame on Ladder -dance.jpg

Having a dance portrait will mark a significant time in your life. you have dedicated an important part of your life to this art and having an epic portrayal of it is an absolute must.


This is more than a dance class portrait or a video of your performance. It is an artful portrait that is unique to you, shows you at your peak form and will remain with you and future generations. 


What image of yourself do you want to remember?

Do you have a movement you just learned to master? a Tutu you are immensely proud of? Want to immortalize an attitude in epic gowns? you just don't know what is in store for you at your DANCE PORTRAIT SESSION!

Not ready? Download my top posing tips to look amazing in all your photos.


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