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  • Desiree A. Neville

Workout for photoshoots?

If you thought I was asking my clients to warm up before their photoshoot, you were not entirely wrong...Let me explain what I mean by warmup

Comparing a photoshoot at my studio to a physical workout, this is how it looks. It's a makeover and photoshoot and so much more...


Just as a warm-up prepares you for the workout, styling you and your wardrobe ahead of time, prepares you for the photoshoot. We do this about 4 weeks in advance to give you a chance to get ready and shop.

Stretching And just as stretching, gets you on the way, on the day of the photoshoot, we start with hair and makeup at the studio. Just getting you comfortable and camera-ready.

Workout The photoshoot itself would be the actual workout. It is, after all, the most physical part but it's not strenuous, I promise. I do encourage you to incorporate stretches in your daily routine when we first speak. If you already practice Yoga or similar routines, you are ahead. If not, why not start now.

Cooldown This is when we select your photos right after the session, while you enjoy a snack. We look at all the photos taken during your session and you pick only the ones you absolutely love!!

The results? Your beautiful portraits, of course! It is just like enjoying the results of your transformed body after working out. And just like at the end of a workout, there are all the emotions that ensue. The warm fuzzies. You will fee powerful, energetic, and so proud of yourself :) Just imagine how proud the family will feel when they see your beautiful portraits! The tangible prints will be a forever reminder, a legacy if you will, of who you were at that moment.

That is why I no longer do "Portraits on the fly'. Do not underestimate the power of the prep!

Checkout the video below and it will all become very clear :)

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