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  • Desiree A. Neville

So, you don't like having your picture taken...

But here's the thing, It is a fact that more than ever, people shop online. Even when they are looking for a service. They will rely on their friend's opinions and recommendations but they will also do their research because it is at their fingertips.

Someone is looking to do business with you right now. What are you showing them?

There are several places where a potential client might see you. You must present a united brand across everything you do, own, say, and show so they recognize you. Are you presenting a united brand right now? Consider the following platforms where you are seen.

Online: Website, Social Media, Advertising

In person (even virtually): Networking, interviews, consultations

Is it consistent? The way you are showing up, the words you use, the way you dress. Do you look the same in person as your photos from your website, advertising and social media? It is important to be consistent so your message is clear.


The selfie option is tricky. Like with everything else in life, things may seem easy enough when you see a pro do it, but when you try it yourself, results are often disappointing.

By all means, go ahead and try your hand at it if you are curious.

The best tip I can give you here is WHY YOU SHOULD GO TO A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. It sometimes seems like photographers charge whatever they want for headshots. What you should base your decision upon, is not how much they charge but what sort of expertise they have? The first thing of course, is to look at their work. Do you like their style of photography? Do you want photos indoors or outdoors? Have they been in business 6 months or years? What do they provide before and during the photoshoot. Are their results consistent?

My goal here, is to show you and your brand in your headshots. We go to great lengths to explore your brand message and prepare you and your wardrobe before the session. We want to provide you with a headshot that will attract your ideal client. We have a process for this and we walk you through it.

One of the things I provide my clients with is a free consultation where they learn a great deal about my process and how we achieve a portrait that represents them and their brand. They get to ask questions and add their own touch. After all, the goal here, is to show your brand, not my brand. My style of photography is present of course, but your brand is front and centre or else it's not YOUR headshot.


I can show how to pin point your brand message and how we make it show in your headshots. When you opt for headshots with us, We do this at the consultation. But, even if you opted for the selfie route, we can take a dive into your brand message during the workshop that I offer. It is FREE. All you need to do is register for it.

See you there?

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