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  • Deiree A. Neville

My Story Brand Lives on!

Last year at the West Rouge Artisan sale, I was asked to take photos of kids with Santa. I know this is done in almost all the mall in North America in November, and the thing is, in the malls, the Santa scenes are now so elaborate with castles and north pole that it is hard to compete with just a background. At the malls, though, the picture time is really short but parents do get a memento of their children growing and experiencing Santa in different ways form year to year. I took my kids there a few years while they were growing up and we still have these in our family album :)

But when I was asked to do this because I photograph kids and i have backgrounds, I thought to myself, "my kids portraits are story based and this is really what I do." So I wanted to keep my story brand intact.

The solution came to me: Come up with a story in 4 to 8 poses. After brain storming for a while, I came up with 4 different stories to choose from. Here at the studio, I ran those by my team and we landed on "At Santa's Workshop"

The story is that children in their pyjamas , or elves if they have elves clothes, happen to wander into Santa's workshop while he was away... They touch everything and even discover THE LIST. (I will share how I DIY'ed "the list" in another post) They check to see if their name is on the "GOOD" side (it's the only side we see during the photo shoot) and make so much noise, that Mrs Claus (A modern one with red hair) catches them. She offers them milk and cookies and asks them to stay a while.

See the story develop in this video

This year, The Santa's workshop theme will be held at my studio over one week end in early November. Staying true to my "Tattle Tales" trade mark, I provide the playground and it is entertaining to the kids, while parents witness from their observation/relaxation seat.

And I have a BIG SURPRISE! I am adding a new theme to the holiday theme roster to be held the following week end.

We are hosting both themes early enough to give you enough time to order greeting cards on time for Christmas and the holidays. So what is my second theme? That is a surprise I am saving for next week. So stay tuned!

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