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The Red Carpet Portraits Experience

 in Toronto's east end and Durham Region


 It is Positively V.I.P. 

Created for women of all ages,
it  has the potential to change how you see yourself !

MOP-9up Fantasy.jpg

How do you see yourself? Imagine putting on the most exquisite gown and being in the zone. Imagine that nothing can touch you, nothing can bring you down, because you are totally connected with who you truly are. Then, imagine this feeling forever in a portrait.   

I will mirror  "her" back to you

It all starts with your consultation when we talk about you. How do you want to see yourself, and what style is your red carpet?  What are you all about? Sparkles, pretty, flowery, natural, romantic, quirky, playful, edgy, or something else? 

Remember that I am an expert at posing and lighting. That is my job. You don't have to worry about any of that, because I know how to communicate my knowledge to you seamlessly 


All the women in the photos here are everyday women. The one thing they all had in common, is they wanted this day to be about them! You in? Book your consultation with me so we can start unlocking your awesome!


Need more time? Learn how to always look Red Carpet Ready with my Style Guide to the Red Carpet!

Booking fee strats at $800 

and includes: consulltation, makeover at the studio, access to our studio wardrobe, guided photoshoot, photographed in many outfits, and one image. 

Red Carpet Sessions take 4 hours

We typically book from 10 am to 2 pm and your session includes


Screenshot (822).png

Styling & Photoshoot


On the day of your photo shoot, relax while our pro hair and makeup artist gets you styled and camera-ready.


You will discuss your preferences and style with her. We want you to feel pampered, relaxed and confident. 

I coach you throughout your photoshoot.  You don't have to know how to pose or even be "photogenic". With our expertise, we've got your back. You will feel like a model on set! You will finish the session feeling empowered!

Your Photos

Screenshot (819).png

Right after the photo shoot, you will make your selection on the large screen. 


We will look at the unretouched photos together. You are judging the pose and expression at this point.

one photo is included with your booking fee. You will have the opportunity to purchase à la carte or larger packages at this time. Packages range from 6 to 20 images. 


Buy only what you absolutely love!  Every image you purchase comes in a matted print and its digital file. 

Your Legacy

folio Box on couch - Lois.jpg

This is your legacy. Which products you order is entirely up to you. Choose from matted prints, print collections, wall prints and albums. 


A-la-carte photos start at $400 per photo. Collections start at $2,100. We include the digital file of every image you purchase.  Detailed pricing will be provided at the consultation. 

Not ready? Download my Style Guide to the Red Carpet! to look amazing and Red Carpet ready all the time.


"Every woman owes herself this experience! It was like playing dress-up with someone who has a vision of just how beautiful you can be." -Veronica A.

Your Legacy

folio Box on couch - Lois_edited.jpg
Gold Frame on Ladder karinea_edited.jpg

We all have hundreds of pics on our phones and maybe even on our computers or on the cloud. These photos tend to have a short life span because they get put away and forgotten. 

Some of our memories come from photos we've seen over the years. If our portraits are hidden, it's a huge missed opportunity. Having printed portraits to pass down, is an important part of life. It is a legacy.


We make it easy to acquire such treasures and we make sure they will have longevity because having portraits of us at our absolute best is a precious gift that forever reminds us of the feeling of the moment. Looking back on them will bring pure joy!


How do you want to remember?

Exist forever in pictures!

There is great strength in vulnerability as it takes courage to push through the fear and share one's true self with others. Anoushka Shankar


Not ready? Download my Style Guide to the Red Carpet! to look amazing and Red Carpet ready all the time.

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