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  • Deiree A. Neville

Remembering my brothers and sisters

In my former life, I was a flight attendant. I was still flying on that dark day of September 2001. The shock has subsided but the events not forgotten. Today, I choose to remember my brothers and sisters in a warm and happy way by thinking about the good times I had when I was still flying.

I was already a photographer back then and I always carried my camera when I flew. I favoured long layovers in Europe and Asia so I could spend time enjoying my passion, photography, while exploring. My camera and me have seen a lot of countries and a lot of people, but mainly I was what they called a travel photographer.

As most of our layovers were in the 24 hrs range, There was never time to go very far or see everything in one trip. I came to know how to carefully plan my 24hr period to maximize my exploring and still get my shopping in. After flying, usually all night, I always started with a little nap. Then, when I woke up, and after a strong coffee, I would go out and get all my shopping done. Once everything was safely in my room, I became the explorer/photographer. On my back, my backpack with snacks, water and maps. On my front, my camera belt with photo accessories, and hanging from one shoulder my camera.

While I drank my strong coffee, I mapped out my day. I usually stuck to one area and planned what I was going to see and made sure I knew where to sample food and local delicacies. I talked to locals, explored, and took pictures to my heart's content.

On the trip back my heart was filled and my head was full of pictures :) Once a year, I gathered my best photos and submitted them to calendar companies. The images below are some of my fave travel photos. These are a few of the ones that were published in a daily type desk calendar. This particular company bought my photos every year for almost 10 years. But this was all before digital... I have very fond memories of my travel adventures and great photos to look back on!

Some of my favourite photos and destinations

Today, in my daily Iife, I am grateful to my little dog for making me go out on walks. Back then, I was grateful to my camera for taking me out on adventures and for the lifestyle flying afforded me!

These are my greatest memories from my flying days. And some of my favourite destinations. What are some of your favourite destinations? Leave me a comment below!


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