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Brand photography

In Toronto's east end  & Durham Region

Brand headshot Karen - Ajax Ontario

Brand portraits are much more than headshots. 
Headshots have the purpose of establishing your personality and are great for your profile photos.  Brand portraits,  bring your viewer or potential client deeper into your world. They are typically shot with a bit of environment around you. Think of brand portraits as potential magazine covers.

Magazine cover Brand - pORTRAITS.jpg
Your Eye on Photo - Business woman.jpg
Magazine cover Brand-PORTRAITS.jpg

Brand yourself with confidence! 


When we talk about your brand message at the consultation, I want to hear your voice.


How do you picture your photos?  What do you want your clients to know about you? Where are you planning to use your photos? 

All this information will help us customize your photoshoot. Our brand sessions are photographed at the Ajax studio because it is well appointed in furniture and props. I will create 4 nooks for you to pose in. And you can include some of your favourite items to personalize the session even further.

Ready to make an impact?

Let's take your photos to the next level!

Not ready yet? At the consultation, we explore your brand so we can show what you are about in your portraits.

Start with my 5-day email brand course. to get you on the right track.

Brand Session packages 

Start at $2,500 with 6 images

Our Brand Sessions take 3 hours

And include

Brand & Styling Consultation

Styling  you and the environment 

Preps and photoshoot

Your Photos

Screenshot (822).png

At our video call, we design your custom session around your brand message and how you picture your headshots. 

We will talk about colours, wardrobe, backgrounds and where you plan to use your photos. 

You will receive prep guides when you book your session. 


My aim is to craft those portraits that will bring like-minded individuals to you. 

Velvet Season.jpg

At the Ajax Studio, I prepare 4 nooks (areas) with different set ups for you to pose in.

With wardrobe and set ups variety, you will have lots of options to choose from for your online presence and social media feeds.


You discuss your preferences with our makeup artist and while you are in the chair, I prepare and style your wardrobe.


If you have requested items from our client's wardrobe, they are incorporated into the shoot order.    

Screenshot (828).png

You will make your selections during a screen share by video call at a later appointment.

Your selected images will then be professionally retouched and returned to you for instant download.


My experience with Your Eye on Photo far surpassed my expectations!!! I don't love having my pictures taken and I am usually very critical of photos of myself, but I had a great time at my session. Desiree made me feel unbelievable comfortable and the entire photoshoot was so much fun. I absolutely love my pictures and so does everyone who has seen them. I couldn't be happier!!! - Robyn Yack

Schedule a consultation so we can get started on 

capturing your brand!

Not ready yet? You can start with my 5-day email brand course to start diving into your brand. We will review this together at your consultation. 


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