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What are legacy portraits? 

I love how not a day goes by that we don't take pictures. Our smartphones are an integral part of documenting our lives and we occasionally get great shots of moments we shared with family and friends. But what is the longevity of these photos? who will see them in 5 years from now? 


Every family needs to have portraits that will be passed down to the next generation. If you have never considered this, think about it now.  Do you have legacy portraits?  

Spending a day at the studio with us is not only a great pampering experience, but it will leave you with tangibles. You will also gain some insight into the creation of a portrait. And It is so much fun because it is about you.  You will get pampered with professional hair styling and makeup applications on photoshoot day. And if you bring your mom, daughter or girlfriend, they get pampered too.


But the process starts well before that. At your consultation, we talk about you and how you see the final portraits. You tell me about you, what style you love and whom you might want to bring into this experience. You can bring your mom, your daughter or the whole family. By all means, you can certainly treat yourself to this amazing day and liberating experience.

Are you ready to talk? 

Not ready to book yet? start with my Style Guide to the Red Carpet to get you always looking good in your photos

All our sessions include the following

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Your wardrobe is important. The outfits you wear for the photoshoot can be all your own, something borrowed from our studio collection, or a combination of both. We have gowns, business attire and costumes for the kid's storybook sessions.


We will design your wardrobe to fit with your style and preferences and your brand message in the case of a business session.


On the day of your photo shoot, relax while our pro hair and makeup artist gets you styled and camera-ready.


You will discuss your preferences and style with her. We want you to feel pampered, relaxed and confident. 


I coach you throughout your photoshoot.  You don't have to worry about knowing how to pose or even being "photogenic". With our expertise, we've got your back. You will feel like a model on set! 


You will review your photos and make your selections right after the session. 


Only purchase the images you love. Every image you buy also comes with a print or a variety of crops for business. 

Photo processing

The photos you select will be professionally retouched.

We aim for a magazine look without losing you or your personality. 


The fully retouched photos will be ready within 2 weeks. Your printed products will take a little longer depending on what you order. 

Not ready to book yet? start with my top posing tips to get you always looking good in your photos


Choose your session

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Red Carpet Portraits




Headshots and Brand

Angel- your eye on Photo0116.jpg

Children Storybook

choose session

Session Booking fee strats at $800 

and includes: consulltation, makeover at the studio, access to our studio wardrobe, guided photoshoot, photographed in many outfits, and one image. 

The session fee of $400 is required to save the date, the studio time, and the artist 

  • Photoshoot times vary as follows

  • Portrait sessions up to 4.5 hours | Headshots up to 2.5 hours | Brand sessions up to 3.5 hours | Storybook sessions for children up to 2.5 hours

  • Styling is included in your session fee as follows: Hair and makeup for women     | Hair, lipgloss and rouge for girls | Camera-Ready for Men

  • Adddons and detailed pricing will be provided at the consultation



Book your complimentary Consultation

Not ready to book yet? start with my top posing tips to get you always looking good in your photos

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