Personal Branding 

Your Business Portrait is a must if you are in business. Conveying all of who you are in one image is a process I am well acquainted with and can guide you through. We will meet and talk before your photoshoot day and I'll ask questions that allow customizing your image to you and your brand. In the 2 hours to get with us, on photoshoot day, you get hair, makeup and wardrobe styling, and a guided photoshoot, even if what you want is only one outstanding headshot. Since my specialty is to show "connection" in portraits, you always look like a winner. 


how it  Works


Schedule a 20 minute video call with me so we can talk about the portraits you want

The handy WELCOME PACKET will be your guide and checklist during the next few weeks to ensure you think of everything photo shoot related.

On the day of your photo shoot, relax while getting your makeup application and hair and wardrobe styling.

You will wear multiple outfits - previously discussed at consultation . Guided by me, you will pose and look like a professional. 

Select your photos immediately after your session.

When you purchase your high-resolution digital file, you also receive the corresponding matted print.


showing connection in your portraits 

As a woman in business, I know from experience that real connections are what drive our businesses. I am a portrait specialist and I believe that because I specialize in showing connections in my portraits, I have been able to 1. offer my clients services and products that helped them effectively market themselves in a saturated and noisy space. 


I believe that to show authenticity,  the first thing that needs to happen is connecting with yourself. The truer you stay to yourself, and your personality, the better you can show that connection and the better your images will be.


The second connection that needs to happen, is between you and me. At your consultation, I get to know you a little better I ask you questions about you and your business. Then, I prepare you and your wardrobe for your upcoming photo session and we start connecting.


Besides “connection”, there is “relationship”. I believe in treating each one of my clients as if they were my very best client ever. And that is why when you come to us, we roll out the RED CARPET and give you the VIP treatment. You get Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe styling personalized to you. And you get 2 hours with us. You are never rushed even if all you want is that one amazing headshot.


The last building block here is expertise. How to convey all of who you are in one image is a process I am very familiar with and I can guide you through. I believe it a process worth investing in because it has the potential to change how you see yourself. Those who did it say it is a confidence booster. I believe investing in yourself and your branding is where success starts. When you believe in yourself, others do too.

Please consider investing in yourself because You are worth it!


Your investment

 Your fee of $600+HST includes:

  • ​A 3-brochure guide on how to prepare you and your wardrobe with clothing charts and appointment calendar inside that you keep for reference

  • A styling consultation,

  • In-Studio professional makeup, hair and wardrobe styling,

  • your fully directed photo shoot,

  • and your first image


 Book a 15-minute phone call  to discuss your business portraits 


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