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Magazine-styled portraits in Toronto's east end and Durham Region

Being 'photogenic' is not a thing you are, it's a thing you learn! 
I can teach you ;) book a consultation with me!

All our sessions include the following


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Your wardrobe is important. The outfits you wear for the photoshoot can be all your own, something borrowed from our studio collection, or a combination of both. We have gowns, business attire and costumes for the kid's storybook sessions.


We will design your wardrobe to fit with your style and preferences and your brand message in the case of a business session.


On the day of your photo shoot, relax while our pro hair and makeup artist gets you styled and camera-ready.


You will discuss your preferences and style with her. We want you to feel pampered, relaxed and confident. 


I coach you throughout your photoshoot.  You don't have to worry about knowing how to pose or even being "photogenic". With our expertise, we've got your back. You will feel like a model on set! 


You will review your photos and make your selections right after the session. 


Only purchase the images you love. Every image you buy also comes with a print or a variety of crops for business. 

Photo processing

The photos you select will be professionally retouched.

We aim for a magazine look without losing you or your personality. 


The fully retouched photos will be ready within 2 weeks. Your printed products will take a little longer depending on what you order. 

The first step is to book your complimentary consultation

Choose your session

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Red Carpet Portraits




Headshots and Brand

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Children Storybook

I want to give you the most memorable  photography experience


Me, at my "50s-look" photoshoot

Hi, I am Désirée, a long-time photographer and passionate about life.

No one knows you better than you and sometimes, you wish others would see your brilliance. When we speak, at your consultation, I see your brilliance and translate it into the most beautiful portrait of you. On the day of the photoshoot, you will feel so relaxed and trusting, there is that moment when your true self comes out to play. This is the moment we are truly in synch and this is the moment we created together.

To get there, I take you through a process. It's fun because it's all about you! We talk about this when we meet at your consultationLearn more here.  NowAre you ready?

 I believe  that every person on this beautiful planet has beauty inside of them.  It is my mission to discover that pure beauty and capture it. I can not wait to create for you the best portraits of yourself that you have ever seen.



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