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Hi, my name is Désirée A. Neville. I am a mother, wife and the artist at my studio, Your eye on Photo. I have been a photographer for over 25 years and I was also a flight attendant for almost 30 years.  Having the chance to photograph everything on my layovers was something I always looked forward to. At home, I made sure not to miss a moment of my kids' childhoods.  I had to make sure I had enough film with me both colour and black & White. As times have changed, so has my focus. Once my kids were in school, I became a people photographer and served families in Caledon where we lived. 

Now, we live in Pickering, Ontario not far from the lake. I specialize in photographing women and children in my own vision. My very special brands "Red Carpet" and "Tattle Tales" are full of whimsy and fantasy. 

I was fascinated by my storybook images when I was a child. That aspect always stayed with me. Today, I am still very focused on creating images that look like a fairy tale. whether I am photographing adults or children. I take pride in my work and I want to share my creativity with you. 


To get to know the real you, I created a stage on which we can play together and build to the magical moment when we connect. I rely on that connection to find you, draw you out and photograph you in all your glory.

Between coffee sips, and life's duties, let's have a heart to heart. 

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