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  • Deiree A. Neville

What You Should Know About Selfies

Hello There!

We live in a great world where we can take pictures whenever we want. It wasn't always the case, so hurray for that!

We've all seen the social media selfies and also the "yikes" looking selfies. So what makes a good selfie? Anything that makes you look good I guess. But what are the elements that make a good photo happen ? Let's examine what happens when we take selfies with our phones.

Phone cameras have wide angle lenses for the most part. What this means is that anything too close to the lens might look distorted. It also means that the distance between things will be exaggerated. So your eyes, and ears will look farther apart from each other than they are in reality. The closer you are to the lens, the more you will notice it. Wide angle lenses are great for scenics but not so much for portraits.

So what can you so to remedy or counteract the wide angle effect?

1.Hold you phone higher. That way, you have to look up when you take the picture. This will make your head the largest part of the photo instead of your nose if you were holding the camera straight on or your body if you hold the camera tilted up.

2.Use a selfie stick. A selfie stick helps greatly in minimizing the wide-angle effect by having the camera farther away from you and placing yourself in the center of the picture.

3.Put yourself in the corner. If you are trying to show where you are, put yourself in the corner on the side you are holding the phone. this way, your distorted arm will not appear in the photo and the viewer will have a pretty good idea of the environment

4.Use a tripod. You could get an inexpensive table tripod that fits in a purse or pocket. Mounting the camera on a tripod and using self-timer is always a fun alternative.

I found this Canadian product that was shown on Dragon's Den. It is called Selfie Stick It Canada Check it out! Stick your phone to a wall and use the bluetooth remote that comes with it!

I did this video on my phone with the Selfie Stick It.

An alternative is this Selfies Assistant: Selfie Stick with built-in mini tripod and remote found it on

Go out and try some of these tricks! And have fun!!

Until next time!


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