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This is the North Pole Express

All Abooooaaard!!

I am so excited to reveal our newest theme, The North Pole Express!

We just added it to the Holiday/Christmas roster.

Yes, it is based on the beloved children's book by Chris Van Allsburg. If you have children or grand children, I am sure you own a copy of this movie or at least seen it when it first came out. Or maybe you have even read the book!

Bringing some magic into the studio usually starts with a theme. So I am borrowing the imagery from this fabulous story because It is magical and that is the attraction for me. Children who are still able to live in the fantasy world will find this session indeed magical. The goal, just like for all my Tattle Tales, is to create images that look like they came out of a story book.

We will create the scene at the studio for this picturesque and magical adventure complete with our conductor :) on November 10th and 11th.

Staying true to my "Tattle Tales" trade mark, I provide the playground and act out a story with the kids, while parents witness from their observation/relaxation seat. For this session, children wear their own pyjamas. When you book, We will discuss all the details to help you prepare for the session and get the best results.

Click here to know more about how a Tattle Tales session works .

So the 2 Christmas / Holiday themes this year are: At Santa's Workshop and The North Pole Express and they each have a story.


At Santa's Workshop, the kids have wandered into Santa's workshop while he was away. They touch everything, they try to re-decorate the tree and they find THE LIST. They get so excited when they see their name on the good list ( the only one we have) and make so much noise that they get caught by Mrs Claus ( a modern one with red hair). Of course she brings them milk and cookies and asks them to stay a while...

AT SANTA'S WORKSHOP ( will be photographed November 3 and 4)


Based on the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg, kids hear a rumble from their bed on the night before Christmas. They stumble on outside with blankets and a light. They find that this huge train is arriving just outside. The conductor comes out and asks if they are coming to the North Pole. They find tickets that appeared magically in their pyjamas or robes and hand them to the conductor. It is a bit cold so they ask for hot chocolate. Then it's time for the train to go.

THE NORTH POLE EXPRESS (will be photographed November 10 and 11)

We are hosting both themes early enough to order prints and our limited Edition postcards on time for Christmas and the holidays.

I am not quite ready to accept bookings for November yet, But when bookings open, you must get your session then. To put your name on the wait list and know more about the sessions click here. You will be notified when it's time to book your session.

Santa's workshop will be photographed on November 3 & 4 And North Pole Express will be photographed on November 10 &11- There will only be 8 sessions of each. There is a total of 16 sessions total between the 2 themes. Please share this page with your friends who you think might like to get in on the action!


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