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How do you dream of being photographed?

Photo Shoot on Location

How and where we shoot on location

Occasionally, departing form the studio, we go on location. Location photo shoots are a lot of fun. It's like being a star complete with on lookers for the person being photographed... But don't be intimidate, the team is there with you.

We usually shoot early mornings wherever we end up going. That is the best light and the less people around. To get a smooth operation, the same way we plan for a studio photo shoot, we also carefully plan a location photo shoot.

The first thing we do, is talk about the final result you are looking for. We talk about how you dream to be photographed. In this shoot we wanted and airy, fresh look. Something that feels like summer. So after we planned the wardrobe, (The 2 outfits we used here are studio gowns - that you can borrow for your shoot ) we moved on to consider a couple of locations. We ended up choosing the beach. This was early May, so we were able to start around 9 am. The later in the season, the earlier we have to start. July and August get hot and crowded really fast.

On the morning of the shoot, we met up a the studio for hair and makeup and then headed out to our location. We shot for about 2 1/2 hours. Starting with the long hair and then, taking the extensions out with a change of outfit. See a behind the scenes video at the end of this post!

It is all about how do you dream of being photographed...


© - 2018 Copyright Desiree A. Neville | Your Eye On Photo

© - 2018 Copyright Desiree A. Neville | Your Eye On Photo

Check out this BEHIND THE SCENES video with 2 outfits and 2 hair styles

© - 2018 Copyright Desiree A. Neville | Your Eye On Photo




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