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  • Desire A. Neville

What is CONCEPT photography?

What inspire me is always a mystery and a surprise. Most of the time when I have an idea, it comes out of the blue...

When I saw that little decorative book at a thrift shop, - I often go there and sometimes I find treasures :). I thought, If inspiration was a person, how would it look? I saw an image in my head. So I picked up the little ceramic book and went home.

It's funny sometimes how a word, and image or a sentence creeps into one's mind and has way more impact than anticipated. The combination or my watching a masters photography class on line, seeing this ceramic open book and creating flower crowns for an upcoming photoshoot got all melded together and gave me this vision of putting a paper dress together to clothes my Lady INSPIRATION.

There were three copies of the book "Désirée" in my house. ( I think over the years, people kept giving copies of it because it is also my name). I decided to sacrifice one of them and used almost all the pages to form the elements of what would be my paper dress. Not being a seamstress, I built onto a corset and a slip, glueing layers of paper cutouts from the book.

My model was my assistant Epiphany who was so gracious in posing for this session. I was grateful that I could assemble a team of talented friends to indulge me and help me pull this off.So after assembling all the elements and talent, we spent a good half day playing and bringing my vision to life.

After the photo shoot, I stayed behind and photographed falling pages until i had enough variants of how they floated down to the ground. There are three more images composing the background and the foreground. I am still working on this image, but ultimately, it is really close to what I had envisioned. Here is the behind the scenes video that shows the story in less than one minute.

Thank you to my friend and fellow photographer/videographer Kristina Laukannen from for capturing the moving pictures.

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