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Hair Styling and Makeup

Hair Styling and Makeup

April 26, 2016


Desiree Neville

This is not as easy as it sounds... Studying hair and makeup is easier said than done. Where to start?

Where hair is concerned, I have had difficult hair my entire life. I have learned to tame it and I have learned a myriad of tricks and fixes to deal with the weather. But my hair is coarse, and thick and curly and frizzy. When it comes to normal or thin or fine hair, it is another story.

I am not trying to become a hair dresser overnight. Not needing to wash and dry hair, I just need to style hair. meaning lifting, setting and up do, So I concentrated on 2 hair techniques I could use on most hair. One technique for medium and long hair and one for short hair. I also needed something that would not take more than 20 to 30 minutes and get good results.

For this shoot, I did ask Diane to let me do her hair. I studied and then practiced on my own hair. When the day came, after the styling and a few minor adjustments,we were pleased with the result.

Where makeup is concerned, i have something up my sleeve. I will keep you posted on my next Blog.


Make UP Artist : Sarah Saccomanno


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