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The Style Guide is coming your way!

Check your inbox in 10 to 15 minutes for the download!

I hope I made it to your inbox!
Make sure to greenlight my email address,  and if you don't find the email with the download

  • Look in your spam or promo folders 

  • still can't find it? Email me, we will figure it out :)

While you are waiting for your download, I want to point out that the style guide will get you started on Looking like you belong on  The Red Carpet!  This may change the way you look at clothes and the way you look at yourself. 

CAUTION: You may suddenly feel more glamorous!! It means that you are finally ready to show the person you feel like inside. 


If you find that you love to style yourself and your wardrobe, you may find yourself comfortable at our studio where there is all that extra professional attention. 

When you book a RedCarpet photoshoot, you get 

  • My guidance with styling beforehand ( the style guide is a starting point)

  • Access to our client's closet

  • Professional makeup and hair styling with our world-class artist - you will learn a thing or two about makeup and skin care. 

  • Your wardrobe is prepped, styled and ordered for the photoshoot, while you are in the chair.

  • When you are ready, you parade in 4 to 6 outfits (or more) while you are directed and coached to pose like a star. 

  • Then, you select all your absolute favourite photos. 

  • And, hopefully, you made reservations for an evening out, because you will look positively ravishing :)

Do you feel like taking a walk on the glam side? 

Red Carpet vs 50 OVER50

Clarifying one of our most asked questions

What is the difference between a Red Carpet session and a 50 OVER 50 session?

The 50 OVER 50 is a project. the Red Carpet session is the experience of a makeover and photoshoot ( and so much more)  We took the Red Carpet experience and made a special project with it to honour and elevate women in their 50s plus. Any woman (or identifies as female) can get a Red Carpet session. But if they are 50 or more, they have a choice to participate in the project that, by the way, ends with a printed magazine with a page for each participant

when you are ready, book a consultation with me and we can talk about what a session for you might look like :)

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