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How to sell RED CARPET sessions



Every woman wants to "FEEL" beautiful. You already know that part of you that is warm, kind, giving and nurturing. This is the beautiful woman inside that comes out and shines and is presented to the world.

This is my pitch to someone who doesn't know anything about RC Portraits,  Once she decides she wants a Red Carpet session, these are the key points we need to touch on.


Why, How, Who, When and How much

Use the online form to guide you through. Ask all the questions on the questionnaire and write down the answers.








The why will solidify the desire to book the session and talking about doing something for herself will increase the perceived value.



Talking about being photographed in several styles, will also increase the perceived value and confirm that one session doesn't mean only one style. as many as 5 are possible during one session. Even business shots and glamour.


Explain that she can get photographed with a friend, a sister, a daughter, a mother, her spouse/ partner or her family. Whatever she chooses, all revolves around her. We pamper her at the studio. that relaxes her, gives her confidence and brings out the beautiful her. We have time to talk and know each other a bit before the session. By shoot time, we are no longer strangers.  Al the women in her party get the treatment and the men, coached on their wardrobe, join us at the end of the session for family shots.



When can we book you? Aim for 4 weeks out. Explain that she needs the time to meet with me and prepare for her photo shoot day. This is only to get a date from them. Explain that they will get a Booking Proposal from Desiree that will outline the shoot date, the session fee, what is included in their session fee, the studio policies and gives Desiree permission to use images for her website and social media. Their date is not confirmed until after the agreement is signed.



Use the price list as your guide. Encourage them to request the pricing on the home page. this way they will see and hear me as well as they can consult the investment guide at their leisure and become familiar with the pricing. You can quote Pricing starts at $325 ( $375 in 2019) ... for sessions and prints start at $125.


Be sure to say what is included with the session fee: Initial consultation with Desiree 45 to 60 minutes. hair and makeup, a guided photo shoot with change of outfits (at least 3), photos are prepared for your ordering session


Please note: Prices will increase in 2019 to include your minimum commission.


Booking A Client


To see which dates are available to you, please link to the following calendars


1- Unbooked dates: date is out with a Lead who has not yet signed their agreement but not available to offer as a possibility.


2- Booked dates: dates are booked shoots of clients who have signed their agreement and are not available to offer


You can add those two links on a google, ical or outlook calendar of your choice. Either make yourself a google calendar for Your Eye on PHoto or add to your own calendar. You can colour code the dates on your calendar to your liking.







A booking proposal contains an agreement and a payment process. The agreement outlines the shoot date, the session fee, what is included with their session fee, the studio policies and gives me permission to use images. Their shoot date is not confirmed until after the agreement is signed and the payment has been processed. It is important that they are familiar with the pricing before they are sent the booking proposal.



Desiree will send the booking proposal to the potential client - or lead-. 



The booking proposal will require 3 signatures: The lead's, the Sales rep's (Booked by) and the photographer's.



The booking proposal will be sent simultaneously to the client and to you. The client should sign it first sot hey can complete the payment. When you click on the link in the email you get from me, you should land on a page like the top screenshot. If it doesn't look like that, it means the client has not signed it yet. in this case, re-visit the link in the email and try again.


Referring to the screenshots on the right, when you click on the link in the first photo, the contract opens. The second photo represents the bottom of the contract where your signature would go in the space marked "booked by" and on the left you see that it say "awaiting photographer's signature"


The contract comes back to me and I will sign it too. Only then is the client booked.

The booking proposals expire in 7 days from the date they are sent.  





When speaking with a potential client there are crucial information i will need from you so it can be included in the agreement. to do so and to make sure everything is clear, there is a BOOKING REQUEST FORM  I designed,







and getting the date they want to book,  Before a client can receive a booking proposal, there are a number of details that need to know


A client becomes booked after they sign their agreement. Booking a client starts with sending them the booking proposal. In the booking proposal, they will find an agreement and a payment process. They need to complete both in order to book their date.
























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