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Tattle Tales      Q & A

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Are there girl themes and boy themes?

Boys and girls are welcome to any theme. It is important to choose a theme that the child is interested in.

How do I choose a theme?

There are 3 main things to consider when choosing a theme. 1. Your preference for certain subjects. 2. The age of your child and 3. For the very young, their physical development stage such as: Can they sit on their own? Do they walk yet, did they just start walking, etc ...

What are the Tattle Tales?

The idea is for the kids to walk onto a set as if into a story book. So we style the sessions based on themes. A scene is built in the studio, and costumes and props are incorporated as needed to complement the theme. The goal is to created images that could be part of a fairy tale book.

What are the theme options?

There are currently 14 established Tattle Tales themes. They are:    
Angels on a Cloud , Baby Bath Time, Birthday Surprise, Dancers, Fishin' Hole,  Lemonade Stand, Playing Dress Up, In my Garden,  Snow Fairy, Spring Time, Starry Night, Teddy Bear Picnic, Winter Wonderland, and The Wood Fairy. Check out all the themes here.

How do I  prepare before coming to the studio?

After you book your session, you will receive my "Styling your Tattle Tales Session" guide. The guide takes you through different things to consider and a timeline through the entire process. You can start by exploring what your session will look like with THIS QUESTIONNAIRE,

Do I get images with the session? 

Images are not included unless you purchase a session/photo package. Either way, at your reveal / ordering session, typically 2 weeks after your session day, you choose the images that you want. You will receive a digital version of every image you buy in the corresponding size. Please refer to the HOW IT WORKS  page for details

Where can I see your pricing?? 

Click here  

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