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what is the 50 OVER 50 Campaign?

It is a project to celebrate, elevate and appreciate women 50s+. As one of them, I know that this demographic tends to short themselves and are sometimes put on the back burner. They are there but not too visible. It's the demographic least seen on TV, in ads and in magazines. - I like to think, that this is changing a bit and that maybe we see them a bit more now - I certainly want to help!

When I turned 50, It was a big deal. I got a huge surprise party, but after that, I didn't want to say my age. So maybe it's not just others who see women in their 50s and beyond somewhat diminished, In my case, it was definitely me. A lot of us put up those barriers or hold certain beliefs that we project to the world.

Well, I thought it was time to turn this around. At 50, nothing could stand in my way. I had a lot of energy, experience, maturity and freedom. More than in my 40s. So it was time for me to prove it to myself. I did it with a photoshoot. I booked one for myself, I mean. This was a most unexpected experience and results. Not only I now have those beautiful photos of me forever, but the boost of confidence this gave me was totally unexpected.


I already built quite a portfolio photographing contemporary glamour for women. So I put this style of photography to use and created this campaign with it.

It is time to celebrate the beauty, the charisma and the sexy that 50+ women possess...the initial idea was to photograph 50 women 50+ and finish with a celebration night whit showcasing one portrait per woman. But now in our current climate, we decided to take this online and make the biggest event we can. All the women who participate in the project will also receive a ticket to the event :)

Every beautiful woman who has been photographed so far has touched us and we hope you'll be touched when you see their portrait and hear their story.

Are you tempted yet? If you are not 50 yet but know someone who is, please tell them about this. they just might want to apply. Find out more right here

I am so excited about how big this project is becoming! I think we might just make a difference :)

Desiree A. Neville, age 62

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