How to create a themed photo

April 12, 2019


When it's time to celebrate with little ones, you better be prepared. As you know, it helps tremendously if all your activities are prepared ahead of time. It is equally as important to create great photo ops so you and your guests can have memorable photos of your fabulous party.



How to create a perfect corner?
From super elaborate to super simple, there are tons of ideas on creating a corner specifically to photograph all your guests. Photograph them one by one as they arrive or with the birthday boy or girl. And depending on the size of the area you have available to you, you can also do a group photo for posterity. 


Visit my Pinterest board for some inspiration

Depending on where the party is, You can approach this from different angles. If the party is at your house, you can reserve an area and decorate it well ahead of time. Making a cool background and bringing n a piece of furniture is one example of what you could create. Balloons always offer the most options and are easy to move around.

If you have a very bright house and lots of windows, you can set your dessert table against the window, but don't forget to use a flash so your subject's faces are not in the dark. 


Whether you create an area centered on the cake or a specific decorative accent, or you use a common area decorated with colourful items. like balloons or candy, Make sure you direct your guests to where you want them. For older kids, you can also think of incorporating accessories cutouts to make the photo a little bit more fantasy like. 


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