On location for a lifestyle photoshoot!

October 24, 2018

When Celia M. founder of Resilientista and High heeled life, spoke of a photo shoot for her lifestyle brand, I never imagined that this dream team was going to come together magically!


We first spoke of a few photos by the waterfront and a day at the beach. Then, when this amazing location became available to us, we brainstormed different scenarios for this self-care advocate.  Doing things to care for herself include going on picnics, reading, shopping for all the sweet little things she enjoys in life, and doing her daily yoga and meditation practice. Her motto: "Self-Care is not optional". 


After jotting ideas and discussing the details for every scenario, we needed to put our team together.  It was, in one word, Serendipitous!!




Celia found fabulous finds at Leef Luxury , an online consignment shop where you can find anything from Chanel to Hermes and from Christian Louboutin to Vera Wang. This Leef Luxury gal enjoys the same beautiful things in life and it was a perfect match.


Then, we commissioned MaryEllen, this amazing makeup and hair artist, owner of  The art of makeup and hair with whom I had been wanting to work for a long while. So finally this was our chance. And we put this team together in less than 24 hours!


When you pour positive energy into something, it seems to all just fall into place!





When we arrived at the private residence, we were blown away and also so inspired. Our scenarios were going to come to life almost effortlessly. We were planning to stage at least 5 different scenes. We ended up with a few more... 



We each laid out the tools of our respective trades and off we went.


Makeup, wardrobe, and camera, lights action!


After confirming our shoot list with all the departments, I went out to scout the different location for all our scenarios.

The most amazing thing, during this whole shoot, is how the team work was going on without any effort or resistance. 

Maryellen applying Celia's makeup





makeup and prepping for the next scene 







Testing  for our next scene


Setting up for the car scenes



Where are they on Instagram ?

Follow Celia, our self-care advocate and lifestyle blogger @celiamhighheeledlife  

To see MaryEllen's work look for @theartofmakeupandhair  

And see what is new @leefluxury 





Here are some of my faves



These photos will no doubt serve Celia's calling all women to self-care. Keep your eyes peeled for some wise insight fro Celia on her feeds!


Tell us what you think of these in the comments below!







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