Red Carpet  Portraits


How it  works

Start by answering these questions: Which photos on this website attract you the most? What do you like about them? Once you have an idea, you are on the right track. When you are ready to book a photo shoot, this is what is on the menu... But first, imagine, 

What if the world could see the beautiful YOU inside?


The handy WELCOME PACKET will be your guide and checklist during the next few weeks to ensure you think of everything photo shoot related.

On the day of your photo shoot, relax while getting your pro makeup application and hair styling.

You will wear multiple outfits - previously discussed at consultation - From Glam to Fantasy. Guided by me, you will pose and look like a star. 

we will review and you will make your selection right after your session.  

When you purchase your high-resolution digital file, you also receive the corresponding matted print.



Is this for YOU ?  These are everyday women who wanted an amazing experience for themselves. The "AFTER" photos are the result of combining professional styling, lighting and posing. It is a beautiful transformation!

B&A - Lois
B&A - Barb2
Your Eye on hoto - Before & After -zsu
Your Eye on hoto - Before & After -epi1.
B&A - Patti
Your Eye on hoto - Before & After -Jod 2
Your Eye on hoto - Before & After -Ann3.
Your Eye on hoto - Before & After - Susa
Your Eye on Photo - Before &After Ep - Copy - Copy
Your Eye on Photo - Before &After Ln - Copy - Copy
Your Eye on Photo - Before &After Cm - Copy
B&A Veronica
B&A Sarah
B&A Diane
B&A Michele
B&A Patti

Fantasy & Fine Art

Walking into the fantasy world is only one step away at Your Eye on Photo. This is the studio where we create Fantasy and Magic after all!

Fantasy is achieved here with Tulle dresses, flower carpet, flower petals and even swords. These accessories and wardrobe are part of the studio props. 

Fine Art is usually fueled by a concept. The adding of elements or piecing elements together, like for the paper dress, respond to making an idea come to life. These are a special commission. Do you have something in mind?

EA-0-28-Edit14 nik
Your Eye On Photo-DF-19Texture
Your Eye on Photo -ballerina bubbles4
Your Eye on Photo - SS-089Texture
Red Carpet Portraits - Women Portraits S

Their Impressions


It's All About YOU

Every woman wants to feel beautiful! That part of you inside that is real, warm, and giving, is the beautiful YOU.

What if the world could see the beautiful YOU inside? 

I invite you to walk the RED CARPET with me!

You will feel beautiful and confident, and when you shine, I know how to capture this in my camera and preserve it in print forever!

Let's start celebrating YOU!



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