Hello Beautiful!

My name is Désirée A. Neville. I am the artist at my studio, Your eye on Photo.

I'll tell you a bit about me until I can hear a little bit about you!



When I work with you, my favourite moment is that moment when we connect. This is when I see YOU and I capture YOU. I usually say "Gotcha!"

I created a stage on which we can play together and build to this magical moment.

At RED CARPET, you get the attention, the pampering and the team a star gets when they prepare to get on stage.


At the studio, stylists and artists surround you and prepare you for your photoshoot, your stage where you can feel, shine and look like a star. 


These magazine-style portraits for women allow a variety of styles from casual to professional to glamour and fantasy.


Tell me how you want to walk your Red Carpet!

When I work with your children and your grandchildren, they inspire me as soon as they get excited about the set and costumes.


For them, I created many stages. They are the TATTLE TALES, storybook-style portraits for children.  There are actual scenes that we build with backgrounds and props. Most of the time there are costumes tied to the themes. We play together and feel the magic that happens in the studio.  


It's my goal to make you and your children, feel comfortable and look great. And it's my pleasure to draw you out and bring you out into the world whether you walk the RED CARPET or when your children and I play on my TATTLE TALES sets.


Come on in, Let's unveil the magic! 




How do you want to be photographed?

Schedule a 15-minute call to tell me how you want to be photographed


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