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Our Plan During COVID-19 

Dear clients, during these uncertain times, we are doing everything possible to ensure everyone's safety and well-being. It is important to us to preserve the health of our families as well as yours. The following outlines our safety plan during COVID-19 and we will keep updating as necessary. 

How we keep a safe work environment

As a business owner, it is my responsibility to provide a safe work environment for staff and clients alike. We have been provided with Rapid Antigen Test kits as an extra tool to help us keep a safe workplace. We will ask your vaccination status no differently than if you were going to a restaurant or other venues that require proof of vaccination. Remember that this is not a judgement on opinions or decisions regarding vaccination. We simply use all the tools at our disposal to make our workplace as safe as we possibly can.

Testing - Who gets it?  
If you aren't fully vaccinated, you may either provide proof of negative covid test no older than 3 days or take a covid rapid-testing upon arrival which will take 15 minutes. This means you will have to arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time. If you experience mild symptoms but you are still able to come, we can administer a rapid test. They are most accurate if you already have symptoms.

What is the risk?
If your Rapid Antigen Test shows a positive result, you will not be able to come in for your session and you will have to re-schedule.

Who sees the results?
Rapid Test Results: I have to report how many Rapid Antigen Tests were administered and how many came back negative or positive every week. But no names are shared. and no one sees this questionnaire but me. 
The health assessment standard questionnaire: That information is kept confidential unless required by the health department.  

Health Safety: while at the studio. The makeup artist and the photographer will be wearing appropriate PPE during your session. Surfaces and wardrobe will be properly sanitized between sessions.

Our Part: We will contact the health department immediately if we discover that anyone at the studio has been in contact with COVID-19 and you will be contacted by the health department. 


Your Part, Be on time: All sessions are by appointment. We ask that you would be on time to avoid shortening your session time. Read our emails carefully, in case you are asked to arrive earlier due to testing.

Your Part, Please advise: Should you discover that you have come in contact with COVID-19 after your session, you should immediately contact the studio with the pertinent information so we can relay it to the health department and establish contact tracing.

When you arrive, text us from your car so we can confirm the studio is ready for you to come in. Wear your mask in the building. Wait downstairs.

Do you still have questions or concerns? contact the studio 

Who gets tested
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