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Your Portrait Is Your Business

Professional portraits are a vital part of your business. You know that when your clients see your face, they feel connected to you. People like to do business with people, so seeing a friendly face at the beginning of a business relationship makes it personal. The reason you need to have your portraits updated frequently enough so they stay relevant, is because your portrait IS your business.

If it seems like a chore to you, It might be because you don't know where to start. Or maybe your time is limited and you think this might take too much of it. Put your trust in my hands and check out my simple 4 part process to getting professional portraits.

1. Call and book your corporate photo shoot date

2. Get my pre-session coaching, on the phone and then emailed to you. This will make your actual session snappy (even with more than one person to photograph ) and yield great results because every detail is thought out in advance.

3. Come in for your session. You get to wear 2 outfits and photographed in front of 2 backgrounds.

4. See you edited photos and pick the ones you want. They will be delivered to you electronically. Done!

We photographed this session in 75 minutes with three people. Everyone gets 2 individual photos and one group photo. Now they have enough photos to use for the web site, their business cards, and their on line presence.

If you want to see my professional portrait, check out my "Meet your photographer" page.

Click here for detailed info and how to book your photo shoot.


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